4 Essential Affiliate Advertising and marketing Ideas For Learners

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1. Preselling – The Art of High Conversions

Beginner affiliates are naturally excited about the affiliate program they’ve joined. This excitement leads to the beginner trying to sell rather than pre-sell – Dr Ken Evoy who runs one of the most successful affiliate programs on the internet has analysed his best performing affiliates – the ones that presell have conversion rates 5-10 times greater than the affiliates that try and sell.

2. Web Design – Don’t Waste your Time

Building a website is time consuming, costly and has a steep learning curve. Most beginner affiliates primary desire is to start making some money – attempting to build a full blown website will consume time and money at a rapid rate with no return!

Furthermore, once your website is build it is much harder to get good rankings in the search engines as Google applies a penalty to all new sites.

My recommendation is that beginner affiliates should use free web 2.0 services to build their web pages – for example Squidoo, HubPages or Blogger.

Besides the fact that these are free and easy to use its also much easier and faster to get these web pages indexed and ranked in the search engines – which means beginner affiliates make money quicker.

3. Keyword Research – Finding Buy Keywords

Most beginner affiliates do not understand the keyword buying cycle and target keywords that result in poor conversions. In order to make money with affiliate programs affiliates must target people that want to buy what the affiliate program has to offer.

The keyword buying cycle gives an understanding of which keywords people type into the search engines when they’re looking to buy something.

For more information on the keyword buying cycle download high performance affiliate marketing (quityourdayjob.com/) its free and highly recommended.

4. Ranking Research – Best Chance of Getting Top Search Engine Rankings

Beginner affiliates are competing against seasoned affiliates who have a network of sites, contacts and capital to invest in promoting their webpages.

Ranking research involves finding out how much competition there is for a certain keyword. My recommendation is that beginner affiliates target less competitive keywords.

Targeting less competitive keywords will result in beginner affiliates getting their web pages indexed and ranked in the search engines quickly – which means they will start making money quickly.

Source by Ryan Hough

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