Earn Mothers, Work from Dwelling – Mothers Work from Dwelling With out Getting Scammed

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Everyday in the morning I take my kids to school and quietly sort of feel sorry for a lot of the parents there, mostly the mothers. I see so many dropping their kids off only to be able to give them a quick kiss goodbye, shove them out the door (lovingly of course) and then they’re on their way to fight traffic to get to work, and hope and pray that nothing happens while they’re at work.

I feel almost guilty because being a stay at home father who makes a living from home, I don’t have to worry about that. I also get some funny looks from everyone else of course, but o’well. What I really just want to say is “earn moms, work from home”, because I know it’s possible.

When I do mention this to most of them however I simply get a blank look staring back at me. Most think it’s impossible and that everything online is just a big scam. Of course they’re right to be worried, there are a lot of scams out there, but they don’t realize that there are very certain and ethical ways for them to earn. Moms work from home every single day online from the most remote of places.

There are a number of ways for mothers to go about doing this. Some moms make a living online by selling their own crafts either through eBay or Craigslist. Others make a pretty substantial living online by finding items that are being sold cheaply either through yard sales, moving sales, or better yet new items at discount stores and selling them for a profit on Ebay. In fact my wife’s cousin does quite well with that.

But with all that being said, I believe that there’s a much better way for them to earn. Moms work from home and earn best and most consistently when using the most basic forms of internet marketing, and usually in the form of either affiliate marketing (which is usually recommended for getting started) or if they have a specialized knowledge (which most all of us have whether we realize it or not, it just takes a little soul searching and asking ourselves some questions to figure out what that is).

But again, if I were advising my own sister – which by the way I have advised my stepsister – I would recommend starting with affiliate marketing.

Here’s why…

With affiliate marketing you really don’t need to have a product to sell, you don’t need to ship any products (what a drag that can be), or even leave your house. You simply direct people to the website of the product that you sell for a commission and that’s it, you let them take over from there for the most part. Of course there are more advanced techniques down the road, but for the most part that’s enough to starting making a living online.

Of course there is a certain amount of specialized knowledge that you must have to effectively do all this. Although it’s simple, it’s not easy (if that makes sense.) But I believe that if more moms knew exactly how easy this was, they would be able to earn money online and live much happier lives.

So I think it’s totally possible for all of those mothers I see in the morning scuttle to be able to give all of that up for a much more free life. This is why I can confidently say: Earn moms work from home!


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