Electronic mail Advertising Suggestions for Affiliate Entrepreneurs – 5 Purple Scorching Methods!

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Email Marketing has rapidly become one of the most powerful tools

in global business history. Responsible email Marketing. Which is

distinct from spamming or sending of bulk messages has a unique style

of its own. So, lets get down to the specifics of the “5 Quick email

Marketing Tips for Affiliate Marketers” – especially beginner

Affiliate Marketers.

Quick Email Marketing Tip #1: 3% of Affiliate Marketers Exposed!

Proven statistics show that ONLY 3% of Affiliate Marketers use the

opt-in list building strategy for making follow-ups with potential

clients out of the 110,000 + Clickbank Affiliates. Now if YOU are not

building an opt-in list, you will NOT see ONE Cent or Shilling as

the case maybe.

Super Affiliate Marketers know this rule and that is why they

consistently make a six-figure annual income using follow-ups

for their eMail Marketing campaigns. So get set to first of all set

up an autoresponder account with Getresponse, AWeber or other good

ones that suit your personal style and budget and have a BLAST!

#2: Generate Highly-Targeted Traffic

Advertise your autoresponders and squeeze pages specially set up to

collect your potential subscriber’s email addresses on targeted

high-traffic sites. If you have NO TRAFFIC – No targeted high-traffic

coming into your affiliate Web sites, then you will become a sitting

duck. So, advertise using paid eZine advertising by placing

well crafted classified ads in eZines with subcriber bases of 1500 to

over 100,000 if you can find good publications and Google AdWords

starting with $5 – and depending on the keywords you bid on.

#3: Offer A Valuable Item For Download

To collect emails you have to offer something of perceived VALUE

to your potential clients. If it’s NOT EXCLUSIVE or ORIGINAL – like a

newletter publication, an eBook on traffic generation or a free software

download – BUT a rehashed and beaten-to-death item with a less than

$20 value – in my opinion, then DON’T offer it or else the highly-targeted

traffic of unique visitors to your niche blog or Web site will not be

motivated to subscribe to your free stuff or even return regularly to

your site.

#4: Time-Specific Follow-Ups

Now, after setting up YOUR autoresponder accounts, you need to cut

and paste the affiliate program’s sales letters, solo ads, text links

etc., within the autoresponder messages area. These follow-ups can be

made up to 7 times or more on auto-pilot – that is you just have to

select the dates and times to send your messages from anywhere you are

in the world. You could be on a business travel to Singapore or

a pleasure and holiday trip to the Caribbean island of Barbados

and still have money flooding your bank accounts.

Now, very regular follow-up messages can make it seem like you are

being too pushy or using hard tactics to market your products and

services in front of potential clients or subscribers and they will

simply UNSUBSCRIBE before you even utter the word – “Affiliate!” It is

far better to send out each message over 2 or 3-Day intervals or

whatever interval you decide to use and all will be well.

#5: Tracking And Testing Of Your Campaigns

It is also VERY IMPORTANT to know the source of your customer traffic

so that you can get rid off those that are not profitable and

concentrate on those that work. For example, if you advertise in

five selected eZines with your classified ads, you may wish to track

the click-through and sales conversion rates of each ad campaign.

But then, just as I stated in Tip #3 above, getting to give away a

valuable free item should also be uppermost in your mind so that

you can make those follow-ups which will lead to eventual sales!

Closing Thoughts:

Following these “5 Quick Email Marketing Tips for Affiliate Marketers”

RESPONSIBLY will enable YOU to literally SKYROCKET your online

income in RECORD TIME while building a mailing list of highly-targeted

and responsive audience from around the world who you can sell to

AGAIN and AGAIN. In addition, remember “Quick Email Marketing

Tip #5″ – tracking, testing and measuring of your marketing campaigns

and sales is mandatory for your online niche business!

To Your Online Marketing SUCCESS!


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