Freelancing, Telecommuting, Work From Residence, Residence Enterprise – What is the Distinction?

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Working from home, telecommuting work, freelance work, contract work, running a home business … let’s clear up the confusion.

Any work that can be done remotely can be done by telecommuting, freelancing and working from home.


Telecommuting means working for someone from a remote location. A telecommuter typically works for one company as an employee.

Today, more companies are open to offering telecommuting than in the past. In most situations, you must be employed with a company for a while before they’ll let you telecommute or work from home.

The best way to find telecommuting work is to work for a company that is known for offering telecommuting work, work at their location for a while, and then ask if you can work from home.

Some employers will let you work from home part time or full time. They may require you to work in the office one or more days a week or come into the office once in a while to pick up and drop off work or attend meetings.

Freelancing / Contract Work

Freelancers are independent contractors performing contract work. They can work for several employers and have the flexibility to work almost anywhere, anytime.

The Internet provides an abundance of freelance work you can provide from home. Anyone with a computer, internet connection and computer skills can work from home and provide freelance services for global entrepreneurs and business owners. If you have a skill a company can use, you can find plenty of legitimate work from home opportunities.

Freelance work is often associated with freelance writing and photography but today you can provide a wide range of freelance services from home. Depending on your skills, you can provide services such as data entry, typing, word processing, secretarial services, virtual assisting, medical transcription, customer service for reservations and IT support, graphic design, writing, web design, programming and a variety of others.

If you’ve got skills that can be freelanced, the Internet has made this one of the best times to start your own business and work from home.

Starting a Home-Based Business

Some people prefer to be employees rather than owning a business. It’s important to realize that you could make significantly more money with your own home-based business. When you run a home-based business, you work for yourself and get all the profits instead of making profits for someone else.

In addition to being able to work from home, having your own home business and working for yourself have many advantages:

o You can make a lot more money.
o You work at your own schedule.
o Your expertise is better valued.
o You get tax write-offs.

You should not have to pay any fees to get work from any employers. But any business will require some small start-up expenses. The start-up cost can be low for a home-based service business. Don’t forget that even working in an office requires costs for commuting and a suitable wardrobe.

You will usually need a business license and some office supplies. Depending on the services you will provide, you may need word processing, graphic design, web design or other software to perform the work.

To get clients, you may need promotional materials and pay for advertising. Even the small fees charged by freelance boards are a form on advertising. Don’t skim on advertising to promote your business and get work. This is a legitimate expense.

Investing in your home business is worth it if you’re considering that the alternative is working for a boss and making money for someone else.

Work From Home

The best ways to get work from home include telecommuting, providing a freelance service as an independent contractor, and running your own business.

There are many work-from-home opportunities. If you look in the right places, you’ll find work from home that works for you.

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