How To Discover Reputable Work From House Alternatives

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A legitimate work from home opportunity is one where you are able to work from your own home doing something that represents a genuine business model. In other words, it is one that you actually get a decent return on.

There are many legitimate work from home businesses being touted around. Many of them are scams, or near scams, that will hardly earn you a penny. Some are not scams, but are effectively slave labor and unlikely to earn you much, while the third category represents the true legitimate work from home opportunity. This one is rare and highly sought after, and well worth the trouble of searching for if you can find it.

In this article we will look at three types of legitimate work from home opportunities, or at least, opportunities that are regularly advertised as that. We will look at the work from home opportunity that is largely a waste of time, the ones that offer some chance of income, and the ones that definitely do work for most people.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) often rears its head to the person seeking a legitimate work from home opportunity. It’s not a scam, not outright, but it can be difficult to make any money in it. The people who get in first and market the opportunity very aggressively are usually the ones who make more than just a few dollars.

The idea works, but just not good enough. The trouble with MLM is that it is often difficult to distinguish between it and the illegal pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes. MLM involves recruiting members in a down line below you. This is pretty much a constant activity. You also have to sell a product on which you will receive a commission. Some people love MLM, but the evidence shows that it is not a good first choice as a legitimate work from home opportunity.

Writing is often something that people looking for a legitimate work from home job will turn to. It has to be said that a good writer can earn a very substantial income, but it takes time to build up. In the early days, a competent writer will probably have to scrounge for work and accept low paid blog posting, or article writing for a few dollars.

If someone does this with the long term in mind, then it is not a bad model to build up. But if someone is looking for quick cash, then this is possibly not the best way to go. Too many people nowadays seem to think that $3 or less per 500 word long article is acceptable pay. It is not if the writer is good. However, writing for a pittance does work and will earn money to anyone seeking a simple legitimate work from home business model.

A better idea is to write your own book. Search through forums for groups of people who all have a passion about something. Find out what they want, what they need, and what they don’t have that they would love to have. Use this information to write an ebook tailored to them, and sell them it.

The process does involve a little more detail, but those are the basics. A good legitimate work from home business only needs a little thought in many cases to make it work and work well too. Avoid the scam-like opportunities that will earn you nothing, Beware of the opportunities that work, but make you work hard for little return, and seek only the legitimate work from home chances that will give you a good return for not too much hard work.


Source by John W. Clucher

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