How To Make Cash At Affiliate Advertising and marketing – Even If You Are An Eskimo!

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I believe the following ways to make money from Affiliate Marketing can be copied by anyone, ANYWHERE… yes even if you are living in an IGLOO, in the cold, dark corners of the BLUSTERY – SOUTH POLE, without any Internet connection…

My apologies to any Eskimo’s who may be reading this

My point is, this is truly a MOBILE business model, you can run it from virtually ANYWHERE! You don’t have the hassles of product delivery, you could live in the ARCTIC and still do this business, as long as you have a Laptop, Internet Dongle & some very warm gloves… lol

Some people who are brand new to Affiliate Marketing are a little bit edgy about SELLING products. Remember, This is why we are in Business – we need to Make Money.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start making money as we get commissions selling OTHER people’s products. All we need to do is to make sure that by selling these products – we are in fact adding VALUE to our customer. As well as making money for ourselves.

Model successful people. Join the mailing lists of people who OBVIOUSLY make money from Affiliate Marketing. Chris Farrell & Mike Filsaime are just two successful people who seem to have the correct formula for doing Affiliate Marketing well. Read their follow up emails carefully – look at how they are written. Look at the amount of text they use, look at the short amount of text they use per line to make the email easier to read… Learn from the BEST.

Once you can get an idea from the experts on how to Craft a good follow up email for your list, why not choose products to market that these respected marketers are already doing. We can safely assume that the respected marketer has researched the product he or she is selling.

I tend to use three MAIN price categories, when selling Affiliate products, all of these are either e-Books or e-courses. Selling e-Books & e-courses (Video etc) really is the way to go, as it’s almost INSTANT delivery for the customer and products from the respected ClickBank platform carry a 60 day money back guarantee, thus installing even more confidence in your selling process.

The 3 types of Affiliate products I choose to market, basically come under 3 bands. I would recommend, where possible – that you also actually purchase the product yourself. This way you are able to “review” them & recommend them properly to your potential customers.

Band 1) Sell a lower priced, but GOOD product ($27.00) to introduce people to their first buying experience from you. This is known as a lead product which could also have an upsell attached.

Upsells are related, but often higher priced premium products which the customer can choose to compliment his original purchase. for example, if he/she buys a $27 e-Book entitled “Blogging for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide to Making Money from Blogging”. Then the customer may also want to buy other, more expensive products, or Upsells as they are known. Perhaps, the Ultimate Blogging Video Course for Master Bloggers @ $77 could be one of these Upsells.

At all times, you want the customer to be happy with the sale, the more bonus products included in the sale, the better the customer will feel and will be more likely to buy from you again. You want your list to GROW.. you want your list to consist of people who TRUST you to recommend to them good products that OVER DELIVER on the promise…

Band 2) My second product band would perhaps be a slightly higher priced product, costing perhaps around $47.00+. The theory is that it is easier to sell a $27.00 product than it is to sell a $47.00 product. This is probably true, but obviously it depends on how you market them. Selling a $27.00 product can be hard work, if you market it incorrectly. And selling a $47.00 product could be a breeze if you market it well.

This $47.00 product should also have Upsells attached to it, as you want to encourage your customers to buy more products from you, as long as the Upsell products are also quality products.

Band 3) A product with the capabilities of giving you a residual income. Personally, these are my favourite products., I recommend, you concentrate a lot of your Affiliate Marketing time to finding and promoting this type of product.

What are they? – they can be membership sites, monthly video courses, ongoing tutorials etc. You don’t just get paid once, you will receive a monthly commission payment each month for as long as your customer keeps subscribing. This in my view is the best way to do Affiliate Marketing as the customer is providing a residual income for you by continuing to subscribe month in month out.

You could also sell some Higher Priced items, such as the more premium high end products, (affiliate marketing 2.0 etc) these products can range anywhere from $497 to $1997. Often they are very Hyped Up just before a BIG Launch… You could effectively make a lot of money from these if you could get enough people interested. The big price may put a lot of people off, but some people will be interested.

The only thing about this type of product is, you probably won’t be able to research it much beforehand as you won’t be able to buy it, and a lot of people will not buy a product of this price just just to research it… Not for beginners really, I personally would wait until your list is a lot larger before selling these very high priced items.

I hope this gives you an insight into the wonderful world of Affiliate Marketing. If you are new & struggling with what to do to make money online, I would certainly suggest you look at Affiliate Marketing. Use some (or all) of the FREE traffic methods I highlight in my Blog posts, plus there are hundreds more ways to get free traffic out there. I really do believe that you can get a good Affiliate Marketing Business up and running in a very short time, using relatively cheap (or FREE) traffic methods.

I have just a final thing to say about Affiliate Marketing. I know it is the chosen vehicle for many people who are starting out in their new Online Business.

Don’t let other people out there try and KILL off your DREAM, there are plenty of DOOM mongers out there… “All the things out there that the DOOM MONGERS, say are just NOT possible, are being done by those of us who DO think it’s possible”

Affiliate Marketing done right, is a very ETHICAL & rewarding Business, and can get you from where you are NOW – to where you really WANT to be.. It took me over 5 Months, before I saw my first ever ClickBank cheque, PERSEVERANCE really is the KEY to not only Affiliate Marketing, but to ALL Success.

Source by Keith Everett

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